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How to remove search.mysofttoday.com (Removal Procedure)

search.mysofttoday.com has become the default homepage of the browser. I don’t know where it came from, most probably through hyperlinks over Internet. It doesn’t seem a good website so I tried to remove it from the browser settings as well as control panel. Unfortunately, I was blocked to make modification. It is extremely disturbing because the Online performance gone to a total mess. Please help.

search.mysofttoday.com is categorized as browser hijacker which is programmed by cyber offenders in order to cheat the innocent users. It comes in the targeted PC from multiple sources such as email, bundler or freeware attachments, external hard-drive, and suspicious hyperlinks and so on. Along with its codes, it downloads plug-ins, add-ons and browser extensions that help it in executing malicious activities. Once search.mysofttoday.com become default homepage, you will be bound to visit only sponsored websites that contains malicious contents and is full of commercials and useless product promotions. Now, you cannot use the Internet                 connectivity and browser as you use it earlier. By appearance, search.mysofttoday.com is very similar to a legitimate search engine provider but when you use it, you would realize that it has illegally taken full control over the browser.

The browser hijacker which you are dealing is very suspicious. It manipulates by offering free software updates, free technical support services etc. which actually contains additional malware attachments with it. So, stay careful and try to remove search.mysofttoday.com as soon as its early symptoms get noticed.

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