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Quick Way to uninstall search-point.com

search-point.com is a notorious browser hijacker that is known to illegally alter the browser settings and injects so many commercial pop up ads every now and then. The security settings are altered so that it could install its related plug-ins and add-ons that helps it in customizing the commercial ads as well as in spying the user’s activities and ultimately leads to a severe data theft. It arrives in the targeted PC by attaching its files with third party application which are downloaded from unsafe sources. Additionally, it could also get intruded through email attachments, P2P file sharing network, bundlers and installers attachments and so on. After successfully getting installed, the default homepage and search engine will immediately get replaced with search-point.com. Though it appears like a proper search engine however it doesn’t have any of its real attributes. For every query, it responds with irrelevant result that actually promotes useless product and services.

In order to manipulate the innocent users, search-point.com says as if it is powered by Google or Yahoo but there is not truth in such claims. Its only aim is to mislead users for visiting advertiser’s website and forces them to buy their products on heavy prices. In order to make it more appealing and entice the users, it contains shortcut links and buttons of popular websites especially related to social sharing domains. Since, the installation process of search-point.com is hidden and questionable hence most of the security experts categorize it as a potentially unwanted program. It may affect the Operating System but it is extremely harmful for Online performance. The most trouble is brought by the suspicious plug-ins and add-ons that it secretly adds in the browser. Actually, they spy on user’s activities and try to cheat highly sensitive information such as bank account details, password, login information and so on. This guide will help you to remove search-point.com quickly with simple steps.

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