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Remove Search.ratplee.com (Know How to Uninstall Search.ratplee.com)

Search.ratplee.com has created a total chaos in the browsing performance. It is continuously showing commercial ads and pop ups and has replaced the search engine with its own domain that is not showing proper result for search queries. I tried to fix this issue on my own but didn’t found anything suspicious in the registries as well as in browser files. Please help to tackle this situation.

Search.ratplee.com is a fake internet search engine that redirects users over bogus websites and tries to increase the page-rank and traffic of sponsored third party websites. It promises to provide the most relevant search results and will enhance the overall browsing performance however its actual aim aims is to make money for cyber criminals. It promotes several bogus applications and gives an impression that the software that it is promoting is totally legitimate and helpful. There are attractive “installers” and “bundlers” that promote Search.ratplee.com aggressively and tries to install this perilous infection in maximum Windows based PC. After settling down, it also tries to gather information regarding browsing habits and then shows customize commercial ads on every webpage that users visits.

Search.ratplee.com can easily become the default search engine, homepage and URL of the browser new tab of any popular browses like Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer etc. All the unwanted modification made by this vermin is very rigid and it uses ‘Helper Object’ that prevents users to restore the default settings. Thus, user will continuously encounter commercial ads, pop ups and webpage redirection. Furthermore, it continuously scrutinize the browsing habits of user and tries to collect sensitive information such as IP address, bank account details, password, log-in information and so on and share it with third parties for financial benefits. User should avoid visiting Search.ratplee.com and rather try to uninstall all its remaining items from the System immediately.

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