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How to Remove Search.siviewer.com (Manual Process)

I can surely say that my PC has been hijacked by Search.siviewer.com because this domain has automatically become the default homepage of the browser without my permission. It redirects the webpage over commercial websites and doesn’t let the browser to open legitimate webpage. I am unable to roll-back the previous settings and whenever I try to open bookmarked webpage, it gives error message like “Access Denied”. Though I managed to reset the browser but still I am facing a lot of commercial ads. Please help to fix the issue.

Search.siviewer.com is a potentially unwanted program and users are bound to face issues related to webpage redirection and commercial pop ups bombarding on its infection. It interferes in the browsing activities with continuous webpage redirection. It actually tries to improve the web-page traffic of websites that it sponsored and hence it generates financial benefits and money for its creators. Additionally, it makes illegal money by promoting deceptive technical services, useless programs, unwanted software updates and so on.

After Search.siviewer.com infection, user will notice automatic modifications in registry entries, System files, processes, apps and so on. You will be amazed to know that the plug-ins and browser toolbar that it installs actually spy on your browsing activities and shopping habits so that it could customize the sponsored ads. The personal data of users are shared with third parties to gain illegal financial benefits hence it is strongly advised to delete Search.siviewer.com as quickly as possible.

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