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How to Remove Search.socialdownloadr.com (Permanent Solution)

Search.socialdownloadr.com is termed as a mysterious perilous browser hijacker that secretly attacks the marked PC and replaces its default homepage and search engine provider. It comes bundled with freeware and installer and thus user generally doesn’t get an idea when their PC got infected with this vermin. The advert blocker of the browser also fails to detect it and doesn’t stop the commercial advertisements bombarded by it. The browser settings are altered and thus user will not be able to restore any of the previous settings. Additionally, it compromises with the security and privacy as well.

As far as appearance of Search.socialdownloadr.com is concerned, it looks very legitimate and shows a lot of shortcut icons for popular social sharing websites and apps. It doesn’t resemble a virus but it is definitely a potentially unwanted program that you must uninstall from the System. The issues such as webpage redirection and commercial pop ups are very severe because it will not let users to do their normal browsing. Additionally, it uses key-loggers and cookies records to steal highly confidential information of users such as their username, password, IP address, bank account details and so on. Hence, take the early steps to uninstall Search.socialdownloadr.com as quickly as possible.

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