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Remove Search.socialnewpageplussearch.com (Steps to Uninstall Search.socialnewpageplussearch.com)

Search.socialnewpageplussearch.com has become the default homepage of the browser and I don’t know why there are commercial pop ups and advertisements on every webpage that I visit. The browser automatically opens multiple new tabs with malicious URLs. I reinstalled my browser but still facing the same issues. Please help.

This is a serious browser hijacker and it will frequently redirect the webpage on Search.socialnewpageplussearch.com. It may automatically become the default search engine and promotes itself as if it is powered by popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. However, every query that you search on it will be responded with sponsored websites results. Actually, it tries to boost the visibility and traffic of particular group of websites and increases the sales leads of malicious products. Without user knowledge, it alters so many important settings and files which result in abnormal behavior of PC.

This is a self-replicating malware that circulates itself with the help of email attachments, freeware, and file sharing network and so on. It allows cyber criminals to take charge over the infected System by amending several core settings. It will restricts you to visit very limited domains and most of them are malicious and malware driven. Since the control over the browser goes in the hand of third parties hence you will constantly see several commercial pop ups and advertisements on your computer screen. Additionally, Search.socialnewpageplussearch.com will used plug-ins and special toolbar that spy on users activities and tries to cheat anything that they find critical and secret. Hence take the necessary steps immediately to get rid of Search.socialnewpageplussearch.com.

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