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How to Remove Searchlock3.com from Browser

It is very frustrating and unknown to me that why the search results always gets rerouted over Searchlock3.com. Additionally, it is very panicking when it shows notification that my computer is not safe and I need to take a technical support from Microsoft certified technician. It says to make call on a toll free number which looks suspicious to me. I knew that something is wrong so I deeply scanned my System with the anti-virus. It didn’t show anything suspicious. However, the performance of browser and overall PC performance is decreasing day by day. Please help.

Searchlock3.com is a perilous browser hijacker that appears like a proper domain with legitimate attributes. It intrudes in the PC very secretly without taking any kind of permission. It changes every default settings including that of browser, DNS, Internet connectivity, and so on. Every search queries will get rerouted to Searchlock3.com by one way of the other. It will try to create panic and sense of frightens by showing fake security alerts and pop ups. All these claims are part of scam and its main intension is to connect your PC with a remote server of cyber criminals.

When you visit page suggested by Searchlock3.com or make the recommended call, you will actually be asked to buy some software and reveal your personal identity. This is very risky as it ultimately leads to data theft issue. Hence it is strongly suggested to uninstall this vermin as quickly as possible.

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