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[Solved] How to remove searchonlineusa.com from Browser

While Online browsing, I clicked on few unknown links and notification and since then my browser came in the influence of searchonlineusa.com. It became the default homepage and search engine which I am unable to remove. The anti-virus and browser pop-blocker too is not working. I feel like messes so please guide to fix the issue.

searchonlineusa.com is a deceptive domain that promises to provide easy and quick query search along with so many additional features. However it degrades the overall browsing experience due to its nasty activities of third party website promotion and even data theft. Instead of boosting the Online performance, it crashes the browser and scrutinize the users activities for data theft. It takes help of installer and bundler in order to make a secret entry in the targeted browser. Once it manages its successful intrusion, it is very difficult to manage it.

searchonlineusa.com can infect any popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer and so on. Since it is promoted as a search engine, this is the area where it manipulates the innocent users. For every query, it gives sponsored results and makes commission for its developers. Its sole purpose is to make money and thus it misguides the innocent user to achieve it evil desire.

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