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Delete .SecureCrypted extension from your PC

.SecureCrypted extension

.SecureCrypted extension is recently discovered by the unknown company that helps for improvement of user browsing experience as well as secures their System from the infectious program. But the truth is just opposite, it is an awful computer threat which aim is to lure innocent user for the cheated of their privacy and data. It is well defined as a very terrifying and nasty ransomware virus that secretly invades into targeted PC for doing its several malicious tasks without taking your permission and knowledge. Once it gets inside your computer, it first capable to encrypt your files and data like .txt files, .jpeg, .ppt, music, videos, images and lots of more. After that, it leaves a messages and alerts that will ask you to pay ransom amount to get decryption of files and data for the given limited time edition. Otherwise, if you delay to pay money then these all information may be transferred to the head branch of CBI office that will take heavy charge for doing this penalty. It is not clear that after the payment of money you get back your files or not because it is only for earning money and commission from user.

.SecureCrypted extension has been crafted by the group of cyber criminals whose main objective is to boost up its web traffic by the luring of innocent user. Mostly, it assail inside your PC with the packages of junk email attachments, Bluetooth sharing files, peer to peer file share, inserting of pirated hard disk, cassettes, pen drive and lots of more. Apart from these, it also assaults its malicious extension toolbars like add-ons and plug-ins. These extensions are capable to attach itself with your browser for monitoring of your browsing habitats including searching history, cookies, login id password, bank account details, ATM security and lots of more. So, you must be recommended to delete .SecureCrypted extension instantly from your PC before it creates further damage in future.

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