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Remove ShellLocker Ransomware: Simple steps to eradicate

Complete solution to get rid of ShellLocker Ransomware

ShellLocker Ransomware is a highly risky virus which comes under the category to ransomware. It has been invaded all version Windows Based Operating System like as Windows XP, Windows7, Windows8 and the most recent version Windows10. It has been developed by the team of remote hacker with the target to makes money through manipulate online users. It gets install in to the target System without any user’s knowledge with the packages of system software, attach junk mails, insert corrupt CD, Downloading unwanted program, sharing files through removal devices and other online activities. Just after successfully enters in to the System ShellLocker Ransomware will scan whole PC and encrypt all useful files with extension codes like as .mp3, .mp4,. avi,. Png, .vgi, .pdf and other useful files. Later them it will send ransom note that your PC files has been encrypted due to some noxious activities. Then you have to pay ransom money about 500 $ as a bit coins within 48 hrs via online banking. If you will not pay the demand amount on time you will lose all useful files forever.

Attention! Never try to pay demand amount with panic. It is only a trick to phishing online users for making money. There is no any guaranteed users will re-access all useful files just after paid money. It is only a trick to hike personal and confidential informations like as email-id, password, bank account details, etc which later forwarded them to the remote hacker places for miss use. It also takes huge resources of the running system. As a result is that the performance of the running system becomes downpour. Thus it is highly suggested to remove ShellLocker Ransomware as quickly as possible from Computer.

 What should users do if their System files encrypted with ShellLocker Ransomware:-

  • First of all users not need to panic.
  • Users should not attempt to pay ransom money to the hacker.
  • User should take serious action to uninstall ShellLocker Ransomware instantly.
  • Users should use back up files to restore data (if available)
  • Users should install recovery tools to recover all useful files.

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