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How to remove start.hometab.com: Permanent Solution Guide


start.hometab.com is a webpage that automatically replaces your default search engine and homepage. Initially, you would think as it is a legitimate webpage as it promotes itself as if it is powered by Google. There are several shortcuts for popular social networking websites and useful domains having high page-rank. But, unfortunately the hyperlinks on such shortcuts are of malicious domains that contains nasty contents. start.hometab.com is categorized as a browser hijacker because it connects the browser with a remote server and does so many unwanted alteration in its settings so that it start behaving abnormally and favors cyber criminals. It randomly opens multiple new tabs and notification messages in the browser that basically contains manipulate contents on it. There will be notification regarding lucky draws, coupons, and other Online benefits which are totally bogus in reality.

start.hometab.com gets installed very quietly by bundling itself with some other programs. There are platforms and installers which earns reward when it downloads start.hometab.com successfully in any new browser. It edits the registries and System files so that this harmful domains is set as default homepage again and again. It restricts the users to roll-back the previous settings or manually correct the browser configuration. One of the attributes of start.hometab.com is to shows irrelevant search query result for promoting the sponsored website traffic and sales leads. Additionally, it makes money by bombarding sponsored advertisements in the form of bogus coupons, deals, price comparisons, and so on.

This vermin will try to create panic by showing fake security alerts, warning messages etc. so that user get harassed and download sponsored security services or take technical support services which are sponsored. Hence it is strongly recommended to delete start.hometab.com as quickly as possible.

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