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How to remove start.siviewer.com (Manual Process)

Want to know why the default homepage of your browser has been changed to start.siviewer.com without your permission? Are you wondering why are you blocked to visit bookmarked webpage and popular legitimate websites? Is your browser working abnormally and is executing a lot of spiteful activities without your permission? All your queries will be answered here as you will get easy solution to fix start.siviewer.com redirections.

start.siviewer.com is a terrible browser hijacker which has potential to infected any popular browsers. It intrudes in the PC secretly and will alter the internal settings such as browser files, homepage, search engine, DNS settings and so on. Normally, it comes bundled with freeware, suspicious links, file sharing network, adult websites hyperlinks and so on. The purpose of start.siviewer.com is to cheat the innocent users and make money for its owner who has created it. Soon it will replace the search engine provider and homepage with its domain and will not allow you to roll-back the previous settings. User will never get relevant result for their search queries and most often will be redirected over questionable websites which are contaminated.

By appearance, start.siviewer.com looks like a proper legitimate search engine provider which looks beneficial because it contains shortcuts of many of the popular social sharing websites. However, when you will try its services, you would realize that several additional suspicious tabs automatically open in the browser which contains adult and malicious contents and promotes useless products and services. So it is strongly advised to delete start.siviewer.com at the quickest.

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