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Know How to Remove System Healer Permanently


The so called System Healer is a PC clean up software which user can buy from its official website at the cost of $29.95 and it says, it will boost the overall performance of your Windows computer. In order to make it more realistic, it offers a freeware download of trial version for free diagnostic of your PC. However it is also a face that System Healer works like an adware because right after its installation, there will be a sudden increase in the commercial advertisements bombarding on your computer screen. The “installer” and “bundler” often contains additional codes and malware files which also gets installed along with the main program. So it is recommended to prefer “custom” or “advanced” installation process while downloading any freeware application.

There is no doubt that some of the features of System Healer can be helpful. It can clean up the temporary files, Internet cache, recycle bin etc. however this is also true that it shows fake notification regarding bogus infections and System errors in order to encourage the innocent users to buy its full version. System Healer does automatic scanning in multiple times and thus it blocks the functionality of important applications on regular basis. The aggressive marketing is used to convince the user to purchase it full version. Its rich graphical user interface is very catchy to perceive the application as a genuine tool. It may lead to several issues related to Online as well as Offline performance and hence it is advised to delete System Healer as quickly as possible.

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