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Simple Way to uninstall topwebclub.com

topwebclub.comFrom last few days, I have noticed that I get redirected to topwebclub.com which seems to a suspicious domain. It blitzes sponsored ads and notification on webpage that I visit and slows down the browsing performance. The loading time of webpage is getting very high and the browser gets stuck time to time. The default homepage and search engine has been amended with malicious domain that keeps on changing every time the browser is reopened. It tried various methods and scanned my PC with a powerful anti-virus but the problem still persists. Please help.

topwebclub.com is a terrible webpage redirect virus whose aim is to bring maximum traffic over malicious websites that it sponsors. The browser gets totally hijacked and it tries to cheat the highly confidential information of users such as their bank account details, IP address, OS versions, and installed plug-ins and so on. It supports pay-per-click ads and affiliate marketing so it will constantly irritate users through commercial notification and pop ups. It tries to manipulate users by two techniques.

  • Displays attractive deals, coupons, price comparisons etc. notifications which actually contains hidden hyperlinks for malicious webpages
  • Asks user to update programs like Adobe flash player, Java files etc. and installs malware files along with the main program

topwebclub.com is promoted very aggressively as a legitimate and helpful domain but contrary to what it says, it aim is to bring malware and cheat the innocent users. Several of the important Windows functionality is disabled and important registry entries are corrupted. The chaos and problems could be easily noticed in every department of PC performance and hence it is advised to delete topwebclub.com as quickly as possible.

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