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Trcklion.com Removal (How to Uninstall Trcklion.com Permanently)

Simple Tips to delete Trcklion.com Manually

Trcklion.com is a newly programmed browser hijacker that has infected a lot of Windows based PC very quickly. It is classified as bogus search-engine provider that promotes sponsored commercial websites in its search result. It attacks very silently and alters the basic settings of browser such as their homepage, new-tab URL, search pattern and so on. These important settings are overridden and user will not be allowed to revert it back. Trcklion.com can attack browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, and Internet Explorer and so on. Suspicious and nasty plug-ins is added in the browser which assists it executing its nasty activities easily.

How Trcklion.com attacks?

The installation of Trcklion.com is very secret. You will never know how your PC got infected with it because it uses multiple tricks and modes to get installed. There are many installers and freeware that contains its attachments. If you don’t choose advance/custom installation process or doesn’t read the terms and agreement page then you can accidentally download Trcklion.com infection in your PC. Some of the common method of this malware attack is:

  • Bundling itself with some freeware such as game, software updates etc.
  • Corrupted email attachments coming from unknown sources
  • Using peer-to-peer file sharing network
  • Vising porn and malicious websites and clicking on the suspicious hyperlinks

The disturbance caused by Trcklion.com is very severe as it will totally degrade the overall browsing experience. The internet speed becomes extremely slow and computer performance becomes sluggish. Further, it uses plug-ins and add-ons that tries to cheat highly sensitive information such as IP address, geographical location, bank account transaction details, password, login information and so on. Some of the harmful properties are

  • Modifies the internal settings of PC
  • Constantly annoys the user with bogus ads and webpage redirections
  • Shows commercials in the form of bogus deals, coupons, price comparisons etc.
  • Crashes the browser on regular interval
  • Download harmful plug-ins and toolbar in the browser without permission
  • Alter and ruins the important registries and System files

The negative effect of Trcklion.com is extremely severe. It is a major threat for System performance as well as for the personal data security. Follow the simple process mentioned below to uninstall this malware as quickly as possible.

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