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Remove Trojan.StartPage.E (How to Delete Trojan.StartPage.E Easily)

Two days back, I opened a spam emails from unknown messenger which had Trojan.StartPage.E malware codes inside it. With-out my permission, few arbitrary files and codes downloaded in my work-station. Since then, the overall Online as well as Offline performance of my computer is disturbed. I tried to remove Trojan.StartPage.E from the Control Panel, registries and browser settings and but didn’t succeeded. Please help.

Trojan.StartPage.E is a dangerous Trojan infection that is compatible with all the Windows versions. It is combination of Trojan as well as ransomware because it is capable to encrypt the personal files of users. When you try to access the locked files such as images, videos, MS Word or MS Office files, error messages covers the screen. Here, its purpose is to create panic and extorts money from the innocent user. It secretly invades inside the targeted PC and takes control over the basic settings. Soon, it leads to so many issues such as BSOD problems, non-execution of commands, hardware malfunctioning and so on. In the meanwhile, it ruins the important registries and running processes. The security application and firewall settings automatically get blocked. Simultaneously, it alters the browser settings and adds harmful plug-ins and add-ons in the browser that spy on users activities and tries to cheat their highly sensitive information.

Usually, Trojan.StartPage.E spreads through emails, peer to peer file sharing and other “Bundling” techniques. It can infect any browser and Windows Operating System. System starts getting to freeze and crashed time to time. Multiple backdoors are opened so that more malware could attack the targeted System and cyber criminals get benefited.

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