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Remove .Wallet file extension virus (How to uninstall .Wallet file extension virus manually)

Delete .Wallet file extension virus with Simple Process

From last few days, I am unable to access my personal files such as music, videos as well as documents based on MS Office Suite. Every time when I try to access them, a ransom note appears on the screen claiming that the files has been encrypted and I need to pay certain amount in order to access it again. I don’t know how it happened. I am getting panic because I am unable to access my personal files as well as many services are not working. Please help.

.Wallet file extension virus is termed as a very dangerous and cunningly designed ransomware that has been programmed to con and cheat the innocent users. This malware threat is easily available over Internet for a mere $39 in exchange of the lifetime usage of its services. .Wallet file extension virus works on the basis RAAS model (ransomware as a service) so that it could target maximum victims due to its popularity. Due to this ransomware attack, the related cyber criminals and con artist gate full authority to make major modifications in the internal settings of PC by accessing the control panel. In Dark Web, .Wallet file extension virus is offered with multiple payload file types such as DLL, BAT, CMD, EXE and so on. It also promotes a video that guides the innocent users on how they could purchase its apps. It is true that user will be maneuvered by its bogus offerings and features.

Like any other ransomware, .Wallet file extension virus also locks the personal files of users and asks to pay a ransom amount for the decryption key. It is quite a new ransom malware and the price of its decryption key is relatively very less as compared to other ransomware. If user doesn’t pay the ransom even after the extended grace period, it starts deleting the files randomly in every six hours. The observation of .Wallet file extension virus is very new and hence its decryption utility is still be made. The purpose of this malware creator is to make money and entice maximum buyers through its aggressive advertising campaign.  It is very important that you avoid clicking on its related links and download files. Instead, try to remove .Wallet file extension virus as quickly as possible.

First of all, it is very important that you don’t pay any kind of money to the recommended Bitcoin Mode. You should never help cyber-criminals in achieving their evil desire. On the hand, access he locked files using “virtual copy files” or “Backup files”. Scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool so that this malware could not encrypt any other files stored in the System hard-disk.

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