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Remove .wflx extension Ransomware

.wflx extension Ransomware is a nasty ransomware and is considered as one of the most sophisticated till date. Unlike other ransomware, this infection offers additional features of ‘live support’ through chat windows to the victims. It asks ransom payment from users and generates revenue which goes on increasing. It uses multiple tactics to get spread especially the email attachments containing corrupted PDF files. .wflx extension Ransomware files are disguised to be look alike of PDF zipped files but soon as user opens it, the suspicious files gets installed and the screen becomes totally blank. The important files stored anywhere in the hard-disk gets encrypted and are totally blocked. The System features like data recover options, file restore etc. are blocked from functioning.

Soon user would notice a text or image asking for ransom amount when they try to access the encrypted file done by .wflx extension Ransomware. User will be asked to pay an average amount of $350 through the Bitcoin payment. It tries to maneuver the users by showing links marked as “live chat”. When it is clicked, it asks user to contact the operators of .wflx extension Ransomware for paying the ransom amount. This ransomware has already infected large number of Windows based PC and its number is increasing rapidly in world-wide geographical region. So the only solution of fixing this issue is remove all the related files and items using an automatic .wflx extension Ransomware removal tool instead of paying the ransom amount as it is a total wastage of money.

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